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Introducing the Home Shaver Kit
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Introducing the Home Ice Shaver Kit
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Shaved Ice and Sno Cones:

Use our Home Shaver Kit to get perfectly textured shaved ice. Then pick your favorite flavors from our nearly 250 RIO Syrups available in quart and gallon configurations. Pour 1 oz. of syrup over 6 oz. of pure shaved ice. Enjoy the refreshing taste that comes from over 60 years of perfection!

Italian Sodas and Seltzers:

Spice up your favorite cola or soft drink! Perfect for old-fashioned Italian Sodas and Seltzers just like they used to serve at the old Malt-Shop. Use 1 oz. of syrup per each 12 oz. of cola, seltzer or soda.

Delicious Juices and Ready to Serve Drinks:

Need a sweet, refreshing drink to beat the Summer heat? Mix your favorite RIO flavors with water at a 5:1 ratio to make your own drink at a fraction of the cost of store bought drinks.

  • Each pint (16 oz.) makes 96 oz. of drink.
  • Each quart (32 oz.) makes a gallon and a half of drink.
  • Each gallon (128 oz.) makes 6 gallons of drink.

Espresso, Cappuccino and Iced Coffee Drinks:

How can anyone justify paying the high price of coffee house flavored coffee? Use our specialty espresso and cappuccino flavors to make your own coffee house drinks. Your guests will be impressed and you never have to tell them how little you spent. Buy a variety six pack of your favorite flavors packed in 25.4 oz. coffee shop style bottles. Mix to your taste, but generally use 1 oz. of syrup per 6 cups of coffee.

You can also use your Home Shaver Kit to make an iced coffee dessert drink that has become popular at major coffee shop chains.


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